This is the artwork of Ram Katzir. I helped by making the large model of the acorn in the foreground. We made the enlargement from a block of polyurethane foam. From this a mold was taken and seven copies cast in bronze, of both the original acorn and enlarged form. The small originals were displayed in identical configuration to the large ones, the small ones inside, on an office windowsill, some stories above ground. The large acorns were placed about an inner garden. viewed from inside, the small acorn is identical in size to the much further removed/ external acorn. View Ram Katzir’s beautiful site:

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Open Up

Free work. Found objects intermarried, i.e. iron stove top and melamine side-table top. Dimensions 600 x 500 x 30 mm. The idea was to make a known object unknown, to invite contribution from the viewer. Simile for my desire to be more open and accepting of others communication. Continue reading

Face / Twin Busts

Wax on armature. About 80 cm high.

For Hot Set Productions, for a Vodacom add.

Story line: Blind sculptor keeps making sculptures of his long-lost love; bust in progress. Friend realizes he`s stuck on her. Finds and presents her, i.e. she taps him on the shoulder as he finishes her bust, he feels over her face, it really is her!

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