Carved from a cube of polyurethane foam, 1650 mm the side. Finished with polyester and painted.

For Hot Set productions, for a UK based TV game-show. Contestants inflated the craw with a (leaking) hand pump. Continue reading “FROG”


use what comes in

This is an installation on the second floor of an old warehouse at Amsterdam harbor. The open doorway faces the city. The various objects/ materials were brought in, loosely stacked in a stream to the left of the doorway. From this pile I selected raw material and combined that into the object on the right. Now ready for launching back at the external world.

The stuff brought inside stands for communication from others. The warehouse space is my inner world. I contribute to it by recombining it and sending this back out.



Javas/ The Oracle

Carved from a block of polyurethane foam, and given a wooden shoulder. This was finished with a transparent resin coating. The bust was used for a DSTV add: Javas along with other survivors of a shipwreck is stranded on an island. Unlike the others, he’s managed to salvage his TV, thus his uncanny predictions. The bust is being sculpted in the add, to his greater glory. Size: about 1800 mm high. For DSTV, via Hotset Productions. See final form of add:  DSTV – Javas Directed by Marc Sidelsky  0:11/ 1:40

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