Mik de Mik

Michiel de Mik

I am a sculptor.

I do commissioned work, be it my own artistic expression on request, or film/ theatre/ commercial set props, or assisting artists/ designers/ or anyone with the desire to realize a three-dimensional form.

Different projects require different materials, so I learnt to coax a figure from a block (a whale from a tree trunk. a granddad with grandson on his shoulders from a cube of polyurethane foam). Wax is a great medium as it has complete malleability, very good for portraiture, usually followed by making a mold of it and cast in, say, bronze. Some things are best made from a sheet of material (shoes have to work inside and out). Then again construction with wood or metal might serve best. I can do these things.

There is copying from a picture. There is making a thing “say” something. Aesthetics may be required. Try me!